Say No To Termites

Each year in Australia, homes attacked each year by termites cause up to one and a half billion dollars in damage, with the average cost of repairs per home being $7,000 after a termite attack.

Termite colonies work 24 hours a day, and signs of termite infestations can go undiscovered until serious damage is done.

Expol Polystyrene Underfloor insulation in no way attracts termites.  It doesn’t offer any nutritional value for a living organism– so if termites do attack the Expol EPS Underfloor insulation; they are simply passing through it to get to their targeted food source – generally the timber framing of the house. In this case, the termite attack would have occurred regardless – with or without the Expol polystyrene underfloor insulation being present.

One concern we have heard is that after the installation of Expol underfloor insulation, you can no longer see the underfloor floorboards of your home, making termites possibly harder to see.  Expol  underfloor insulation can easily be removed to allow for thorough pest controls on a regular basis.

Getting regular termite inspections is highly recommended for every homeowner in Australia.