Cooler home for summer

Every year around this time talk turns to the coming summer; how hot is it going to be? Is this going to be the hottest summer in years?

Making your house more comfortable and cooler for your family in summer is just as important as keeping the cold drafts out in winter. Summer sees families facing increased pressure on their electricity bill by continuous running of air conditioners just to make the heat bearable.

Expol Underfloor Insulation is an ideal way to insulate your home to stop heat entering in summer.  And, unlike running power hungry cooling devices, it’s a one of cost that can instantly make a difference to the comfort levels of your home this hot season.

Expol Underfloor Insulation is an easy way to insulate your existing home to stop heat entering in summer. As long as you’ve got access to your underfloor joists, you can easily fit the insulation under your floors in just a weekend and start saving on cooling costs and enjoy a cooler home this summer.

Qualified Expol installers are also available to fit the insulation panels to your underfloor to ensure your home is protected from the extreme temperatures under your floor.  Expol installers need at least 400mm of underfloor access.

Underfloor insulation is great for all homes especially pole houses and all exposed wooden floors.