Installation Instructions

Step by Step

To assist you we’ve developed the easy step guide, follow it and you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to pick up your Expol Underfloor Easy Measure Ruler (shown below). Use it to measure the underfloor joist sizes, so you can purchase the correct panels for your DIY Insulation project.

Step 1

Measure several joists using the Easy Measure Ruler.

Expol - Installation Instructions

Step 4

Fix two Expol fittings on opposite corners of each panel. 

Expol - Installation Instructions

For exiting homes, use the Expol L Brackets. For new homes use the Expol Joist Saddles

Step 2

Slice the panel if necessary, panel should be approximately 5mm oversize to ensure a firm fit.

Expol - Installation Instructions

Step 5

Place Expol Wireguard around any cables that come in direct contact with Expol.

Expol - Installation Instructions

Step 3

Slide the panel between the joists, push up to ensure no air gaps.

Expol - Installation Instructions

Step 6

For obstacles such as pipes and plumbing cut the panel leaving 100mm clearance future maintenance.

Expol - Installation Instructions

Time to enjoy warmer feet and
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