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The Best Underfloor Insulation for Timber Floors

EXPOL underfloor insulation is not only light weight allowing for an easy install, but it is also rigid. This means it won’t sag over time, like other products do. With a 50 year product guarantee, you will have the peace of mind that your floors will stay well insulated over the years to come.


All Expol panels are concertina cut on both sides to allow for a compression of up to 20mm for ease of installation, and to ensure a snug fit between the joists.


  • EXPOL UNDERFLOOR R1.4 (in 360, 410, 470, 560 to fit existing joist widths)
  • EXPOL UNDERFLOOR R1.8 (in 410mm – Victoria Only)
  • EXPOL wire-guard insulation roll
  • EXPOL bracket insulation panel fixings

98% of EXPOL insulation product is actually trapped air. As well as ensuring excellent thermal insulation properties this means the amount of EPS material required is minimal.

Promoting Healthy, Energy Efficient Homes

EXPOL insulation products are designed to create warm, dry, healthy environments with reduced heating requirements.

Committed to Industry Best Practice

EXPOL is a long-standing member of the leading industry association, Asian Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (AMEPS).

State-of-the-art Production Equipment

All EXPOL products are tested and meet industry standards and EXPOL underfloor insulation products are appraised by BRANZ.

Time to enjoy warmer feet and
save up to 12% on your heating bill.