Is EXPOL underfloor insulation fireproof?


A question frequently asked by our customers. And rightly so! Ensuring your choice of underfloor insulation is fireproof is a no-brainer. The health and safety of your home and its occupants is the number one priority.

Rest assured Expol underfloor insulation, made expanded polystyrene (EPS), is fireproof. In fact, all products manufactured by The Foamex Group, are made with a fire-retardant component built into them. This means that they will shrink away from the naked flame. What’s more, the flame-retardant additive actually inhibits accidental ignition from small fire sources.


But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! Our New Zealand partners have put EXPOL underfloor to the test…




Is burning EPS toxic?


Even though, we are pretty sure you aren’t going to be hanging around a burning building, this is a valid question. The toxicity levels of burning expanded polystyrene is no greater than burning wood.

There are many, many myths about expanded polystyrene (EPS) that we are only too happy to bust. Mis-information about this product is widespread. Expanded polystyrene is incredibly thermally efficient and widely used in Australian sustainable building practices.

If you are interested to learn more about the properties of expanded polystyrene as a safe, thermally efficient, please see our FAQs.


More about EXPOL Underfloor insulation

Cleverly engineered for maximum thermal performance, EXPOL fits snugly between the joists of suspended timber floors. It is a DIY product that is easy to install, saving you $$ on expensive installation costs. EXPOL is a rigid insulation board that won’t sag over time like other underfloor insulation products in the market. Sagging insulation creates gaps, which reduces the thermal performance and efficiency of the product. Not to mention, the furry little creatures that can make their way through these gaps to create warm and cosy nests. The unique design of EXPOL allows for installation within existing homes, and new home builds.