Save Energy Costs

With July 1, 2012 seeing the introduction of the Carbon tax in Australia, energy costs are again set to rise for home owners. So the focus now should be on saving your energy costs at home – and a simple way to do this is to have effective insulation throughout your house so you can turn off the heater, the air conditioner and save on overall heating and cooling costs.

The exceptional R Value of polystyrene used as insulation maximizes your energy savings and level of comfort in your home. The higher the “R” value, the more effective the insulation is in reducing heat flow in or out of your home.

Although no one can control the weather outside, it’s possible to control the climate indoors and make the most of insulation.

Using the right type of insulation will help maintain pleasant temperatures and minimise energy bills. It’s important that you choose the most efficient Foamex product to meet your needs as over time the correct insulation foam can save you thousands in reduced energy bills.

Implementing roof insulation, underfloor insulation and wall insulation will help you reduce costs and provide essential protection to industrial pipes and structures in general.

Expol Underfloor Insulation is another popular option as it provides guaranteed home insulation all year round. Polystyrene insulation panels are placed between your floor joists and provide insulation that protects against the extreme heat in summer and cold drafts in winter.