DIY Underfloor Insulation

Think you’re a bit handy ‘round the house? Prove it to yourself and the family by installing underfloor insulation from Expol and enjoy the benefits of a cooler home in the summer and a warmer home in the winter!

With the cost of energy rising for cooling and heating appliances, insulation is becoming more important than ever to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for you and your family. However, it’s not just new homes that can be insulated. In fact, underfloor insulation from Expol is easy to retro-fit to your existing home using our full step-by-step instructions that are included with every purchase. The underfloor insulation is installed between the floor joists, and can be installed in homes on poles or under exposed wooden floors.

So, do-it-yourself installation is easy enough, but how does underfloor insulation from Expol work?


During winter, the heat from your heating appliance rises to the ceiling, leaving the cold air to linger on the floor. This, coupled with the fact that your home’s floor is in contact with the coldest air both inside and outside, means that up to 15% of your heating can be lost via your home’s floor. You could lose even more of your heating if your home has a timber floor due to the large spaces of cold air between the ground and the underside of the floor! To maximise heat retention, underfloor insulation creates a thermal barrier to keep the heat from seeping out.

15% doesn’t sound like much, but given that the temperature of your feet has a noticeable impact on your overall body temperature, that 15% can mean the difference between a comfortable and irritable season. You also stand to save up to 12% on your heating bills with underfloor insulation, meaning less strain on the family budget.

For an easy to install, do-it-yourself solution to keeping the family comfortable from extreme temperatures, contact Foamex and enquire about our underfloor insulation from Expol today!